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 Myteck is marketing and sales arm under Jinke Machinery, which is a machinery manufacture factory with 12 years history up to now. Myteck markets and sells machines made in Jinke factory and with the support of Jinke technical team, also offers one basket solution to customers with some machines outsourced to other factory. Myteck has import and export license and can offer trading service for customers in related field

Jinke is our factory and Myteck focuses on marketing and sales, but Myteck also participates into design, development and manufacture by communicating with each party on customer’s demand, function requirement and quality control and management, after-sales service and on-site help with installation and commissioning, and customer feedback in future use. Jinke and Myteck are under same boss

We have office in downtown area of Guangzhou city for convenient meeting with customers and staff’s easy going to work. It is not far from Canton fair venue and customer can reach us by metro, Shipaiqiao station. We have office also in Jinke factory, located in 10 Hengxing South Road, Shishan Science & Industrial Park Zone C, Nanshai District, Foshan city, Guangdong province

Yes we do. Don’t worry about after-sales service. We can do better after-sales service than other factories, because Myteck is backed up by Jinke factory and Jinke has become stronger and stronger in technical strength. With the sales volume added by Myteck sales team, Jinke has more power and capability to enforce its technical team. Myteck has good language advantage and active and friendly working attitude, and diligent work responsibility, so Myteck offers good communication with customers and can solve problems better than other factories

Yes. Myteck controls quality strictly and has quality control procedures along the process. We put the quality control procedures not only on the document but also carry out it well. Our staff goes to factory to check progress at milestones and solve problems before delivery. The quality problem will be much fewer and slighter than other suppliers

Because our mission is to provide good quality drink machinery for global drink plants and other factories. We want to gain customer’s good comments and then spread our good reputation to the world. Myteck not only sells machines for only one year or two years, we have the ambition to sell machines to more countries and for a long time with good brand image. We are sending good machines made in China to oversea customer’s factories with intention to get good fame, not to ruin the image of Chinese machinery, which are better and better in quality and more and more advanced in technology

The working creed of Myteck is: craftsmanship, quality, responsibility, service, and innovation.

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