Why does the bicycles all over the country suffer from acclimatization in Hong Kong?

With the spread of bicycles and ofo shared bicycles in full swing, the country's major cities are ushered in the spring of sharing the economy. Whether it is north of Guangshen, or second-tier third-tier cities, the streets can be seen everywhere share the bike figure. And the major investment in the major Internet giants, but also further promote the development of shared bicycles. Whether it is the distant London, or Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, you can see the domestic share of cycling giant figure. Many media also called the sharing of bicycles as one of the new "four great inventions", their development in overseas is full of praise.

Although the sharing of bicycles in the domestic development momentum is very good, but in Hong Kong, sharing the bike has suffered a plight of acclimatized. Not only the streets are difficult to see the figure of shared bicycles, even if there is a place to share the bike, and few people use. We can not help but ask, why the fire all over the country's shared bicycle in Hong Kong has suffered a acclimatized?

1 price is not competitive

Hong Kong's shared bike, the biggest feature is that the charges are not cheap. Take a brand-sharing bicycle, for example, not only need to pay a deposit of HK $ 390 in advance, while the cost of every half hour up to 5 Hong Kong dollars. Although it is cheaper to rent bikes in Hong Kong than in other parts of Hong Kong (Hong Kong generally rents bicycles for one hour and $ 25 for one day). But the mainland and share the cycling easily 1-2 yuan an hour compared to the price, such a price or lack of attractive. Not only that, in Hong Kong by bus and MTR travel, the price is generally between 3-15 yuan. Whether it is comfort or convenience, sharing bicycles are less than other means of transport. Compared with the sharing of bicycles, Hong Kong people are more willing to use other convenient and convenient means of transport, sharing the attractiveness of cycling naturally greatly reduced.