5 gallon bottle filling line

5 Gallon Water Bottle Filling Line

5 gallon water bottling line includes bottle decapping machine, bottle outside washing and inside washing machine, filling machine, capping machine, LED light inspection unit, labeling machine, date printer, and palletizer.

        5 gallon water bottle filling line is developed by our factory based on international advanced technology and own rich experience in past years. It is applicable to fill mineral water, pure water, and spring water in 5 gallon bottles and 3 gallon bottles. 

Production capacity:


Ø  No need of people on duty at no-bacteria filling room as it is highly automatic and of good hygiene condition.

Ø  Production speed can reach even higher speed stably than required speed.

Ø  Decapping machine works automatically with detecting function. No cap no pulling.

Ø  Caps can be transmitted automatically to position and sterilized by sterilization water and product water. No need to wash caps by hand and save two worker’s salary and reduce second pollution to product water to minimum.

Ø  Filling part can be designed with independent control button to make the factory running in case of any accidental failure of other machines.

Ø  Online monitor with internet connected to help in future maintenance. 

Ø  Outside washing consists of two steps: brushing the outside of bottles with detergent and then flushing by spraying clean water. 

Ø  Outside washing brush is designed to suit the shape of bottles. Bottle mouth, bottle neck, shoulder and side and bottom can be all washed totally. It is suitable for washing standard bottles or specially shaped bottles.

Ø  Good inside washing head is designed to be lifted into bottles and turning head to spraying water 360°, which is unique compared to straight flushing of other technology. It leaves no dead corner in washing to ensure completely clean.

Ø  Inside washing is designed to be 12 procedures or even more.  

Ø Recycled water is used to save water and guarantee very clean product water.

Ø Water supply from water tank to machine is through specially designed pipe route. No need to connect pipe randomly. Filling room is cleaner and more tidy.

Ø Recycled water tank is equipped with liquid adding hopper and 100 eyes filtration mesh, which can be washed or changed in working.

Ø In filling, conveyor under bottles stops for filling to reduce abrasion to bottle bottom.

Ø Filling is no-contact quantitative filling, leading to no waste of water. Thus filling is very accurate and no waste of water. No bottle, no filling.

Ø In the process of decapping, outside washing, bottle uploading, inside washing and filling process, the main machine can automatically control bottle quantity and no occurrence of bottle congestion.

Ø The bottle uploader is controlled by microcomputer with automatic photoelectric switch. No enough bottles, no loading.

Ø Easy to Operate, stable in running, and filling capping are very accurate.

Ø Cheap but very useful bagging machine and palletizing machine make the whole line run very efficiently!

Flow Chart:

RO pure water system --> bottle decapper --> bottle outside washing --> bottle inside washing --> bottle filling-capping machine --> LED light inspection --> labeling machine --> inkjet printer --> bagging machine --> palletizer