Juice & drink hot filling line

Juice Bottle Hot Filling Line



Juice bottle filling whole line solution. Including juice bottle washing, filling, capping, cooling tunnel, labeling and date printing. It can be combined with carton packing machine and robot palletizer to form a complete packaging line.

Production capacity:

     Juice bottle washing-filling-capping 3 in 1 monobloc is developed by our factory based on international advanced technology and own rich experience in past years. It is applicable to fill juice, tea drink, milk and energy drink in small bottles ranging from 250ml to 2L.


Ø The material cabin and feeding system are different in design from water filling line (constant flow, constant pressure and no bulb in filling).

Ø Cabin is designed with air ventilation, fully enclosed and temperature detecting function.

Ø Sanitary filling system is designed to achieve fast filling speed and filling heads meeting sanitary requirement.

Ø Hot filling is with good temperature control system.

Ø It is equipped with automatic back flow function.

Ø Complete CIP cleaning system is guarantee for good sanitary condition of the machines.

Ø The machine offers possibility of changing only a few parts to suit different bottle sizes. It can reduce wearing to bottle body to minimum and sending is very stable without any bottle jamming.

Ø Slight negative pressure and gravity filling mode offers high filling speed and precisely control on liquid level.

Ø Specially designed fully stainless steel bottle washing gripper is solid and durable. It does not touch bottle mouth screw part so as to avoid second time pollution to bottle mouth.

Ø Good brand imported control valve and driving system and meticulous design can guarantee machine running at much higher speed than designed speed and stably running in a long term. Running speed can not become slower along time.

Ø Parts in direct contact with liquid are all good quality stainless steel material or food grade engineering plastics. Electrical parts are mostly imported brands, compatible to national food sanitary standard.

Ø Sanitary recycling pipeline guarantees product quality.

Ø Bottle sending out star wheel is designed with spiral lowering mode and no need to adjust bottle sending conveyor height in case of changing bottle size.

Ø Immediate catching and capping technology, introduced from Italy, is in leading position in domestic drink machinery industry and capping disqualification rate is far less than 3‰, even below 1‰.     


Flow Chart:

RO pure water system --> blow molding machine --> automatic 3 in 1 washing-filling-capping machine --> cooling tunnel --> dryer --> automatic sleeve labeling machine --> inkjet printer -->automatic thermal shrink wrapping machine --> palletizer